The Journey of the Senses. Drinks Experiences from the World !





Born on the beaches of the French West Indies, Matthias followed his expatriate parents as they discovered new places and, from an early age, grew a passion for travelling and exploring the world.
He started his career in 1997 at Bar Fly Paris and for 5 years had the opportunity to grow his skills at some of the best-known luxury hotels and cocktail bars around Europe. He eventually was appointed bar chef at Bound, Buddha Bar, Barrio Latino and Barlotti Paris.
Looking to expand his international experience, in 2008 he took on the role of worldwide executive bar chef development for Buddha Bar Group. As the Buddha bar lead for all the drinks & mixology signatures development, bar operational design and staff training, he opened and launched over 12 different brands and numerous hospitality concepts in 32 different countries all over the world. With his teams, he became in 2009 the first French executive bar chef to be named within the prestigious World’s 50 Best Bars ranking with Buddha Bar Paris, which was followed in 2010 and 2011 by Buddha Bar London, Dubai and Kiev.


Matthias also enjoys sharing his passion, which is why he co-signed the cocktail dictionary “la petite bibliothèque des cocktails” by Larousse editions. He also regularly attends broader haute cuisine events, which he draws a lot of inspiration from. In 2015, he participated in the closing event of World Cuisine Summit, a cocktail painting inspired by 3 dishes from 3 chefs (Alain Ducasse, Paul Bocuse and Joël Robuchon). Again in 2019 he collaborated at the same event with some of the world’s best chefs including Chef like Alvin Leung from China or Anne Sophie Pic 7 Stars Michelin. In 2016, he contributed his talent to Mistura Qaray, the largest culinary even of South America that takes place in Lima, Peru, along with Gaston Acurio and Virgilo Martinez.
His creations draw from his deep knowledge and appreciation of the world’s trends and local flavours. Working with his teams across the globe, he is continuously expanding his horizons to infuse new tastes, smells and sights into his creations. Matthias’s art is first and foremost about creating unique moments that everyone can share.

This is why alcohol free / virgin cocktails have become a distinctive feature and growing focus of his approach.



In 2018 after travelling the world for 20 years, he co-founded WMSignature with Melinda Guerin-White, a “360° Hospitality F&B concept agency”. He surrounded himself with a team of Bar chefs, Barista Sommeliers, Kitchen Chefs, Designers and DJs to enable WMS to cater to all of their clients’ needs, while creating unique experiences and tailor-made concepts.







Matthias takes his inspiration from all his travels and from all the different people he meet during this last 20 years. He play with the world flavours like a kids play with the toys. « Yuzu from Japan, Huacatay from Peru, Timur berries from Nepal, Bissap from Africa … »


When you start to play with organic essential oil or flower water 100% edible you can create real unique experiences. Since long time now Matthias play with this different world with his friend and Perfume Master « Jean Charles Sommerard » Artist, Founder of the Sevessence house and one of the best in the world.


Matthias had the chance to meet one of the best designer in the world who call Michael Malapert and since this day he create new drinks experiences inspired by different type of Art.




Water is the favorite ingredient of Matthias and today most of his creation had water inside, that he uses in different form and different technique like infusion, maceration, fermentation, distillation …


When the Kitchen meets the Mixology, today this 2 worlds are more and more link with all the flavours and techniques, Matthias takes big part of his inspiration from all this chef around the world. He love share his passion during world class kitchen events.


Mixology Past, Present and Futur, The classic cocktails are the base and for lot of concept Matthias use classic creation with special touch but always respect the orginal recipes.